Shower Better.

Crisp Cloth is here to replace your loofahs and washcloths. Inspired by the shower cloths commonly used in Korea, redesigned to be more effective; utilizing a quick drying mesh fabric, triple layered and double sided for different levels of roughness. Simply use it like a washcloth and hang it up to dry once you’re done.

Measures 37” x 6”

Made in Korea 60% Nylon 40% Polyester

  • 1 Yard in length

  • Double-sided roughness

  • Won’t harbor bacteria like a loofah



Shipping’s on us.

My skin feels amazing every time I use this. I got it to use after workouts, but now it’s the only thing I reach for! I love how it’s so thick and scruffy, yet it dries so quick. It makes you feel REALLY clean. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like running your legs through a pair of clean sheets after a long bath.
— @cvoluz
The two sides differ in texture, but that’s perfect. I can pick the soft side for a gentle exfoliation or the rough side for tougher areas of my body. It feels long lasting compared to the cheap cloths I used to buy.
— @yosoybossc
It’s actually a really good product. I needed something like this that could exfoliate me and reach my back.
— @jben1981
@levnblu I just used it this morning. Love it.
— @dherrera



1 Yard Long

Replace your back brush.

The Crisp Cloth measures 37” by 6” so you can scrub your back with ease.

Double Sided

Replace your shower pouf.

Triple layered and double sided; one side slightly rougher than a shower pouf, one side more course than a loofah.

Easy to use

Replace your washcloths.

Use it just like an ordinary wash cloth; dampen the cloth, lather it with soap by rubbing the cloth against itself, scrub (everywhere but your face), rinse, and hang it up to dry.

Easy to dry

Replace your loofahs.

Bacteria thrive in warm temperatures and moist areas. Due to the density of a loofah, they can be difficult to completely dry. Similar to a shower pouf, the Crisp Cloth is made of mesh fabric which is airy and easy to dry. Read more here.

Built Tougher

Replace your nylon cloths.

Loofahs, poufs, back brushes, and terry cloths always felt impractical and ineffective. In Korea, exfoliating cloths are preferred. However, the nylon exfoliating cloths we have available are flimsy and the texture would soften in just a few short washes.

We’ve re-engineered the exfoliating cloths to be tougher so that the texture is consistent after weeks of use and layered it with two sides so that we have the option to enjoy a mild scrub or deep exfoliation.




How long does shipping take?

You should receive your order in 2-3 business days. We send out your order the next day via USPS First Class (from NY).

Is this available on Amazon?

The Crisp Cloth is currently available only on levnblu.com (home of the original Crisp Cloth).

Do I need to wash it before using it?

You can simply wash it by hand. We don’t recommend that you put your Crisp Cloth in the washing machine as the fabric can snag.

Can I use it on my face?

You shouldn’t use it on your face as your facial tissue is much more delicate.

How do I dry it?

You can hang it up in your shower. As long as you have some ventilation in your bathroom, the cloth should be crisp and dry in a few short hours.

How long does it last?

For durability, we’ve tested the Crisp Cloth for as long as 6 months (while using it 2x / day); the texture begins to soften after 2-3 months of use. For hygiene, we recommend replacing your cloth every 2 months to keep it fresh, especially if you live in a humid area.